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Furniture Insights: June Orders up 5 Percent

June furniture orders rose 5 percent compared to the same month last year, according to the latest Furniture Insights report.

U.S. Factories Continue to Lose in Trade Battle

America's shale boom has raised hopes of a revival in U.S. manufacturing, in part fueled by cheaper energy. But U.S. factories still are losing ground to rivals in Asia and Europe.

FastFact: Consumers Boost Furniture Spending

Consumers have boosted their annual furniture spending since the end of the recession in 2009.

NRF Analysis: Retail Sales Flat in July

National Retail Federation analysis of Department of Commerce retail sales figures indicates sales were virtually flat compared with June, citing lack of spending in key areas such as furniture, home furnishing and electronics stores.

New Book Examines Housing Crisis

A new book from Brookings Institution Press and the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies identifies lessons to be learned from the last decade's housing crisis.

FastFact: Mattress Sales Climb in 2Q

Despite the historical odds stacked against the bedding industry, the category has experienced a second quarter increase in sales. 

Furniture Orders Climb 3%

Furniture orders climbed 3 percent over last May, down from a 13 percent increase reported for April, according to Smith Leonard's monthly Furniture Insights.

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