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September 2017 Issue

Current Issue

The Internet: Friend Or Foe

With all the noise about the coming retail apocalypse, retailers are searching for the enemy.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

With the soft economy for furniture, the drum beat continues as to the solution for lackluster sales.

Mobility in America Part 3: Where People Are Moving

The third and final series on Mobility in America looks at where people are moving.

Heating Up: Product Innovation, Expanded Distribution Drive Outdoor Furniture

No, we’re not talking about indoor upholstered furniture – although we could be.

Is it Time for an Upgrade?”

Home Furnishings Business often features articles about the newest and greatest ideas or innovations we see in the industry.

Take 5: Richard Sexton

In the mid-1990s, Richard Sexton was running a small furniture store in Charlotte, N.C., when he began noticing a few companies (including a start-up called that were selling products on the internet.




Published 12 times a year, Home Furnishings Business (HFB) is the only furniture industry trade publication dedicated to covering the business of furniture retail today. Home Furnishings Business is available in print or digital format and offers valuable strategies and intelligence for retailers who want to conduct a successful business today and tomorrow.
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