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Spring Air Hires New Social Media Agency

In keeping with its 2017 strategy to increase dialogue with consumers using a variety of digital marketing methods, mattress producer Spring Air International has engaged a new social media agency to begin the relationship-building process.

Spring Air President Nick Bates said the company has hired Trio, a full-service marketing communications firm based in Grimes, Iowa, that specializes in social media and web design, among other custom services. 

“We’re not only going to be stepping up our interactions with consumers but also engaging with them in new, more meaningful ways,” Bates explained.  “Our objective is to build a base of Spring Air followers from the ground up, engaging them on topics like the importance of sleep quality, the vital role a mattress plays in their lives and how our brand meets their needs.”

Working with Trio, Bates said the company is developing original content for blogs and other features that will be posted to its web site.  The producer also will be posting sleep information on popular social media vehicles like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the goal of steering consumers to its site.

Spring Air’s web site is currently being overhauled, and the re-launch of the site is expected in late spring or early summer.

“We’re going to be reaching people — especially Millennials — in the digital world where they live every day,” Bates said. “Spring Air will be addressing critical questions like ‘What does better sleep really mean?’ and providing insights that help consumers resolve their sleep problems.”

Ultimately, Bates said, “we plan to establish a constantly growing fan base that is not only familiar with who we are and what we represent, but also wants to buy Spring Air-branded beds.” 

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