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New Furniture Collection Inspired by The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Abner Henry x The Met furniture collection combines old-world techniques with designs inspired by the magic and art of The Met. This collaboration exemplifies the very spirit of the Abner Henry brand: being rooted in the past, while pioneering the future.

The result is an imaginative blend of art and design, engineering and technique, old and new, tradition and innovation.

The seven-piece furniture collection comprises designs drawing inspiration from iconic 17th-19th century paintings in galleries of The Met by the artists Edgar Degas, Gustav Klimt, Edouard Manet, Auguste  Renoir, Georges Seurat, Vincent van Gogh, and Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez.

Each work of  art was hand selected by the Abner Henry team, led by CEO Ernest Hershberger who responded to their  visual resonance and shares a deeply personal and spiritual connection to the works. 

“This is an incredibly momentous collection for me that represents a journey of steadfastness and  resilience,” says Hershberger. “We had a vision for the collection to defy traditional manufacturing  processes, and when we repeatedly got a ‘no’ or were told it can’t be done, we pushed forward to make  it come to life, working with artisans who were willing to stretch their abilities to make the impossible, possible. I wasn’t going to let The Met down. Abner Henry’s driving force is ‘the relentless pursuit of  excellence’ — and this collection is the embodiment of that ethos.” 

“Working with Abner Henry, it has been a pleasure to see historic works of art transformed through their contemporary lens,” says Josh Romm, head of licensing and partnerships at The Met.

“Across the collection, Abner Henry has taken a thoughtful approach to creating forward-looking designs that  represent an evolution of the millennia of art housed at The Met, geared towards a contemporary  customer with an attention to the future legacy of these pieces as heirlooms for the next generation.” 

To create the Abner Henry x The Met collection, Abner Henry relied on the talents of artists, designers, engineers, craftsmen, metal workers, and glass blowing specialists to create the stunning final products using techniques that have never been seen before.

Examples of these groundbreaking techniques include The Duet Tables, which feature 24-karat gold hand blown into the wood grain, creating a shimmer effect that evokes spiritual beauty as it reflects ambient light.

The globe effect of the glass on the Coralie Table required a meticulous design and manufacture process, championed by Hershberger who sought out experts from around the globe to execute his creative vision, ultimately collaborating with a skilled artist in Poland to develop an entirely new mode of production as only seen in this design.

The Ventana Mirror showcases a solid slab of 3/8-inch thick brass polished to a dazzling mirror finish. Hershberg consulted metal experts from a range of disciplines to develop this design, who said it  couldn’t be done, and we are so pleased to reveal this triumphant design. 

This licensing relationship, developed by global licensing agency Beanstalk, marks The Met’s first luxury furniture deal. Additional home licensees will launch collections in wall art, textiles, wall coverings, lighting, upholstered furniture, hardware, and more beginning in April 2023.  

“Sometimes, serendipitously, you find the ideal manufacturer whose vision dovetails perfectly with the brand,” said Linda Morgenstern, VP of brand management at Beanstalk.

“This was surely the case when Fernanda Coutinho of our Beanstalk team identified Abner Henry to collaborate with The Met on the development of a heritage furniture line. Ernie Hershberger’s passion for art and culture as housed in  the Museum, envisioned by his gifted artisans, have brought this legacy collection to life.”  

Products from the Abner Henry x The Met collection will be unveiled in late March and will be available for purchase exclusively through Abner Henry.  

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