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Million Dollar Baby Co. Launches Recommerce Program with FloorFound

Million Dollar Baby Co., nursery furnishings provider, announced the launch of its recommerce program in partnership with FloorFound, the pioneer recommerce for oversized items. Million Dollar Baby is the first baby furniture business to launch the program to give customers a way to protect the planet, save money, and purchase the products they want and need.

The sustainability program offers style-minded and eco-conscious customers the option to purchase the company’s unused open-box and returned nursery furniture at a discount through a branded storefront and on the FloorFound store.

The online storefront provides access to furniture favorites from babylettoDaVinci, and Million Dollar Baby Classic at a reduced price while also lowering the amount of waste created. To date, the new program has kept more than 12 tons of furniture in circulation.

Million Dollar Baby Co.’s recommerce program makes it easy for customers to shop returned cribs, gliders, and dressers. An inspection and grading process managed by FloorFound ensures that returned and open box items meet the most rigorous safety and quality standards prior to resale.

The recommerce program offers savings to consumers looking for style and value. Items sell at an average of 54% of their original price, and promotions on the brands’ ecommerce marketing highlight potential cost savings and detail the inspection process that ensures resale goods are in excellent condition.

Once purchased, resold items quickly ship nationwide via FloorFound’s fulfillment network, with a premium delivery experience on par with new product purchases.

“As a producer of goods for babies and children, our business is quite literally the future, so we view the environment as one of our core responsibilities as a company. We want to be at the forefront of reducing furniture waste, which is a huge problem in the industry – 9 million tons end up in landfills each year,” said Julia Bedanova, COO at Million Dollar Baby Co.

“FloorFound’s recommerce platform enables us to deliver on the promise of more sustainable solutions and provide superior customer experiences to the second or even third owners of our products. The program extends our reputation for high-quality style and value and helps us achieve new avenues for growth and customer connection.”

“Families with a due date circled on the calendar can’t wait for months for a crib to arrive,” said FloorFound CEO Chris Richter.

“Thanks to our dedicated network of Recommerce Processing Centers positioned in strategic locations around the country, we’re able to deliver items promptly and reduce the carbon footprint of resale in the process.”

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