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Barcalounger Debuts Voice-Activated ‘Coco’ at HP Market

Motion furniture manufacturer Barcalounger has announced a voice-activated feature that’s intrinsic to the mechanical operation of several of the company’s new power reclining chairs, launching at next month’s Spring High Point Market.

According to the company, Barcalounger’s new voice-activation is unlike features currently available in residential furniture that function as part of an APP or via an iPad or computer link.

When owners of the new Barcalounger chairs command “Coco” to recline, stop or go to home, TV or sleep position, a female voice repeats the command and then carries it out. The command of “head’s up” activates the power headrest function.

“Voice-activation is increasing popular in electronics, phones, TVs, cars and navigation systems, and resonates with today’s consumers, especially Millennials,” said Larry Smith, CEO and president. “It’s really a natural to offer voice-activation for comfort products like reclining furniture.”

The voice activation feature will be offered in two power reclining Vintage chairs, the all-leather winged pub-back, roll-arm Montview with carved wood spool legs available in black and brown all-leather covers, and Blair, which is also an X-tra Tall chair with longer leg extension and taller headrest. Voice activation will be offered in the Powell model, a swivel glider recliner, as well.

The mechanism is supplied by E-MoMo, and a full two-year warranty is offered. Educational point-of-purchase materials will explain how to operate the feature, Smith said. He added that if, for any reason, the activation malfunctions, the recliner automatically defaults to manual operation.

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