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Shoptelligence Gains Momentum with Style Discovery Platform

Shoptelligence, creators of a style discovery platform for furniture retailers, has announced a number of new clients and partners, accelerating its momentum since its general market launch of Interactive Ensembles.

The company was named one of the 2018 Top 10 Virtual Assistant Solution Providers by CIO Applications on Oct. 5.

Some recent additions to its customer base include Gardner-White Furniture, IHFRA 2018 Retailer of the Year, Sam’s Appliance & Furniture and HOM Furniture.

“With Shoptelligence’s assistance, HOM can provide personalized style assistance by featuring entire room designs around a customer's style,” said Dustin Behr, HOM Furniture. “It helps connect online inspiration with in-store purchase, increasing engagement, average order value, and boosting customer loyalty.”

Shoptelligence has also partnered with technology providers Tailbase, a Canadian-based furniture eCommerce solution provider and Wondersign, maker of in-store kiosks. Shoptelligence’s Interactive Ensembles technology will power these solutions with its intelligent, style-based shopping experience that blends furniture-specific product understanding, stated and learned shopper preferences, and style sense to create completed rooms around each item.

Retailers benefit from the company’s automated product associations to merchandise their entire catalog and maximize every customer interaction, whether online, in store or via email.

“We’re thrilled to team up with such innovative retailers to transform the shopping experience,” said Laura Khoury, CEO, Shoptelligence. “We’re proud to help retailers engage shoppers in a more meaningful way with an intelligent style assistant that can help shoppers and sales associates find inspiration and put the perfect room together. Meanwhile, we’re working hand-in-hand with our partners to continuously enhance this offering in ways that will lead to heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty everywhere.”

“We're excited about this partnership and pleased to introduce Shoptelligence to our U.S. and Canadian customers. We see a bright future from this collaboration for our customers and just as importantly, our customers' customers,” said Robert LaPointe, CEO of Tailbase.

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