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United Furniture to Expand in N.C.

Upholstery producer United Furniture Inds. plans to expand its storage space in Lexington, N.C. to meet increasing demand.

One of Lexington's largest growing manufacturers will expand its storage space to meet a steady rise in demand in recent years.

A spokesman for United Furniture Industries confirmed the company will expand a trailer storage yard adjacent to its main complex off of Hackney Street.

While government documents hinted at the company's expansion in recent weeks, officials with the Davidson County Economic Development Commission would not confirm United Furniture's identity during public hearings and negotiations over taxpayer-funded incentives associated with the project. EDC staff and board members, including executive director Steve Googe, typically refer to ongoing, incentive-eligible projects with code names, oftentimes throughout the entire duration of the development.


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Source: Lexington Dispatch 

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