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Bograd's Furniture Remains Open

In 2011, Bograd's Fine Furniture held a going-out-of business sale and said it was closing for good. Today, the retailer has shifted direction and remains open, albeit with a slightly different approach to retailing.

Bograd’s Fine Furniture is looking to rebrand its identity in a changing marketplace.

In 2011, the company held a closing sale, and its diehard costumers came from as far away as New England to find what was thought to be the last-ever deals at the high-end furniture store that had been in business since 1930. Since then, large leasing banners were displayed on the outdoor sign, and the store utilized the space by partnering with other vendors.

Today, although slightly different, Bograd’s continues to remain open to the public.

"We thought we were going to close the store. I guess if we had sold the building we probably would have, but things didn’t work out that way. So what is an entrepreneur to do? We think of something different to do," said Mark Bograd, third-generation company president


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