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The Dump's Commercials Get Dumped in Chicago

Furniture retailer The Dump's commercial featuring a naked couple sitting on a sofa has been dropped by the NBC and CBS affiliates in the Chicago market. The spot has also been dropped in other markets.

Though the fun bits aren't visible, an ad for a furniture store called The Dump featuring a middle-aged couple sitting naked on a couch has been nixed by NBC and CBS affiliates in the Chicago-area. It's also been nixed in other areas.

A newly opening franchise of The Dump, a national discount furniture store, in Lombard, a suburb of Chicago, wanted to run a TV spot the franchise has run elsewhere in the U.S.. The spot features a naked couple sitting on their couch but the woman has her legs crossed so her vagina is not visible and there's a ball of twine on the coffee table shielding the man's penis and testicles.

Dump CEO: "disruptive retail concept"

The ad, part of a 13-week campaign The Dump has embarked on, is reaching into millions of homes in areas such as Atlanta, Houston and Richmond, Virginia. Despite that the verdict in the Chicago and area market, was still a resounding "no" from NBC and CBS, though they haven't given their reasons. CBS has also turned the ad down in the Philadelphia and Phoenix markets.


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