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Piana Sleep Announces Debut of Rinnovo Mattress

Piana Sleep, a division of Piana Technology dedicated to pushing the mattress industry forward through sustainability and design, is thrilled to announce the debut of the Rinnovo mattress. Piana Sleep is dedicated to elevating expectations of what is possible for sustainable manufacturing in the bedding industry.

Rinnovo blends foam and Piana's unique V/Smart fiber technology to create a more sustainable a uniquely comfortable mattress. Additionally, with Piana Sleep's revolutionary take-back promise at the end of the Rinnovo's life, the company will recycle it with zero waste, helping alleviate the environmental impact and giving the mattress a new life.

At the heart of Rinnovo is Piana Technology's proprietary, transformative V/SMART technology. V/SMART includes fibers that are vertically arranged in a unique high-loft nonwoven design that delivers a non-toxic, odor-free, VOC-free environment. V/SMART's groundbreaking design includes the company's Molecular Printing technology that infuses molecular compounds into materials tailored to deliver countless health benefits, such as active cooling, customizable aromatherapy, antimicrobial protection, sleep and mood enhancers, and much more – producing an unparalleled and deeply restful night's sleep.

"The Rinnovo is the first of many new Piana Sleep products that will marry sustainability with industry-changing technology and world-class design," said Silvia Galasso, executive vice president of Piana Sleep.

"Piana is dedicated to breaking the status quo of how mattresses get made. Using more sustainable practices like solar power, paired with our ability to create a successful circular design and close the loop at the end of our product's life, our goal is to be the catalyst for sustainability and circular economy within the industries we serve."

Piana Sleep is currently focused on the hospitality and retail spaces with Rinnovo. "We're passionate about joining forces with partners that share our vision of changing the world, helping the environment, and creating a better sleep experience for consumers," said Chris Henning, vice president of business development at Piana Sleep.

"We can ensure that our partners will be the first in the marketplace with an innovative product that truly helps keep mattresses out of landfills and provides true comfort to everyone choosing it."

"Landfills are a huge problem in today's world," continues Silvia Galasso. "It is estimated that in the US alone, 50k mattresses get discarded in landfills every single day, each polluting our Earth for centuries.”

“These mattresses would form a daily stack taller than Mt Everest, and in a year, they would form a line that nearly goes around the Earth at the Equator. With our take-back promise, we are taking full responsibility for diverting our products from landfills while enabling our retail and hospitality partners to join forces with us and establish themselves as leaders of change."

Rinnovo highlights the company's devotion to sustainability, minimizing waste, and conserving energy in the bedding industry. The Rinnovo mattress is made with Piana recycled technology, resulting in 46% fewer CO2 emissions than a comparable all-foam mattress, takes up to 52% less energy to make, and is up to 31% lighter than an equivalent all-foam mattress.

To learn more about Rinnovo, visit:

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