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Emma – The Sleep Company is Helping Transform Resolutions Into Reality

Emma - The Sleep Company, the world's leading D2C sleep brand, is giving people the chance to turn their New Year's resolutions into realities with an innovative contest across the whole country. After independent research conducted together with Appinio*, Emma — The Sleep Company discovered that more than 82% of the country population do not achieve all their NY´s resolutions due to tiredness and lack of energy.

In that same study, where the sleep company dug deep into how people go about their New Year's resolutions, Emma found that more than 89% of the respondents consider sleep quality to be important in achieving their resolutions.

The study also found that 89% of individuals within the same population establish New Year's resolutions, expressing their aspirations for personal growth and achievement. However, despite these aspirations, it was evident that only 18% of people in the country manage to accomplish all the goals they set for themselves, resulting in heightened levels of disappointment (40%) and frustration (30%).

Among the most commonly set New Year's resolutions within America are aspirations related to financial wellness resolutions (42%) that involve goals such as saving money or creating a budget, and health and fitness (32%), where individuals commit to exercising more and adopting a healthier diet.

The ambition to improve sleep (32%) emerges as one of the most popular New Year's resolutions in the US, reflecting a widespread acknowledgment of the pivotal role that sufficient and restful sleep plays in overall well-being. In addition, personal growth (23%) is another prevalent theme, with people aspiring to learn new skills or engage in activities that contribute to self-improvement.

The predominant reasons behind the inability people in the US to fulfill their New Year's resolutions are largely attributed to a deficiency in motivation (47%) and elevated levels of tiredness and low energy (35%).

According to Theresa Schnorbach, who leads Emma's Sleep Research team, "a well-rested mind and body are better equipped to tackle challenges, make informed decisions, and stay motivated" adding also that "adequate sleep enhances cognitive functions, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills that are crucial for achieving goals".

Acknowledging the challenges many face in meeting their New Year's resolutions, Emma - The Sleep Company is launching a competition that will provide individuals with the opportunity to turn their resolutions into reality. Dreaming of more travel but too tired to do so?

Emma offers participants the chance to win flight vouchers with selected airlines.  Those looking to improve their sleep can win a bedroom makeover featuring Emma products. If the goal is to enjoy foreign films without subtitles, Emma will offer the possibility of funding a language course in the participant's language of choice, and much more.  Additionally, every winner of the contest will be awarded an Emma pillow, designed to ensure an outstanding sleep experience — as the research shows that good sleep is essential to achieving resolutions.

To take part of the competition, participants must visit the competition page, available here, and fill in the form with the resolution they would most like to achieve this year. Emma — The Sleep Company will be selecting its three lucky winners during the month of February.

* The research was commissioned by Emma Sleep, through Appinio in a survey of 2,000 adults in January 2024.

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