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Living Spaces Announce Fall Line with Berkus and Brent

Home furnishings retailer, Living Spaces, and interior designers Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, announced the launch of their latest fall line. The timeless collection balances modern, clean lines with relaxed style, evoking natural sophistication.

The new fall line is Nate + Jeremiah's first venture into full upholstery while upping the ante on natural, laid-back elements. The new, 43-piece collection features pieces for the living room, dining room, office and bedroom with an emphasis on light materials, simplicity, and tranquility.

Given the line's cool, elevated style, the risks are minimal when it comes to layering a piece into any existing look —for example pairing a beloved sectional with a modern Nate + Jeremiah coffee table.

"Nate and Jeremiah have created yet another beautiful line that seamlessly elevates the style of any space without sacrificing comfort or functionality. Every one of these pieces is elegant yet approachable," says Living Spaces CEO Grover Geiselman. "You don't have to live at the beach to appreciate the classic, coastal elements in the fall collection."

With pieces for the living room, dining room, office and bedroom, these everyday furnishings are inspired by coastal living as well as the couple's global travels. From Montauk, to California, to Portugal, the collection is both well-traveled and uniquely personal.

"There's a joy to coastal living that speaks to everyone," said Berkus. "Using natural elements, and neutral tones, the line is both handsome and casual, and definitely our favorite collection to date."

The collection's universal look and feel translates into versatility. Each piece is designed to complement existing furnishings by blending seamlessly into a room's current aesthetic. At the same time, stand-out pieces, like the plush Shore Sectional, the marble-topped Hexagonal Coffee Table, and the fully upholstered, linen Porto Bed, make a statement. The Trestle Dining Table, Writing Desk, and highly adaptable Voyage Bench will be stylish additions to any setting.

"We intentionally designed the pieces to make them easy to mix and match – the point is so you can create a look that reflects your personal style," said Brent, "Whether that's adding more functionality to a room or bringing in a statement piece that you then design around." 

While Nate and Jeremiah's modern coastal collection features a minimalist aesthetic, the designers have also created ample room for clever, practical details to create multi-functional pieces. The Porto Bed comes with handy, tucked-away storage space. USB ports are subtly integrated into the Voyage nightstands. These thoughtful touches play into the entire line's commitment to an uncluttered, coastal lifestyle.

The Nate + Jeremiah for Living Spaces fall 2023 collection is now available at all 39 Living Spaces stores, and online with free shipping nationwide at  

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