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Reroom Provides Digital Experience to Customize Space

Reroom, an affiliate of James King Group, is transforming the custom carpentry space in Singapore with their innovative digital approach. A trusted industry name for over 40 years, Reroom now provides a seamless, user-friendly experience for Singaporean clients looking to customize and purchase space-saving furniture tailored to their unique needs.

Reroom's digital platform simplifies the journey from design conception to installation, from compact study solutions and Murphy beds to sleek, modular cabinetry.

Unfolding from the lifestyle shifts of the Covid-19 pandemic, Reroom's vision to enhance homes for increased indoor living is more relevant than ever. The need to adapt our living spaces to accommodate a more home-centric lifestyle has posed various challenges, not least of which is the often cumbersome process of home renovation or refurbishment.

Homeowners frequently grapple with these pain points, which is why Reroom decided to reimagine the traditional approach.

The result is Reroom's unique selling point: its digital transformation. It is a convenient, intuitive Direct to Client's Design Planner Tool that allows customers to be their own interior designers.

This innovative online experience was designed to ease the burdens traditionally associated with home renovations and furnishing. By providing homeowners the tools to tailor their spaces personally, Reroom helps alleviate common frustrations.

Their digital tool gives users the ability to mix and match from a catalogue of modular cabinets and space-saving furniture options, including Murphy beds, selecting any combination that suits their interior space.

Users can add their chosen laminate colours, incorporate more design requests according to their preferences, and set their expected installation date. It's a three-step process that turns customisation into a hassle-free experience.

Reroom's commitment to quality ensures the use of sturdy plywood for all their products with high pressure laminates for external finishing, providing both durability and style. The design used in their furniture focuses on functionality and simplicity, delivering multi-functional pieces with ample storage - an ideal solution for space-constrained homes in Singapore.

The company also guarantees installation. Reroom's unique terms and conditions give peace of mind to their customers and set them apart from their competitors. The price quoted includes delivery and installation, both services completed within a day for utmost customer convenience.

Dive into Reroom's revolutionary Design Planner Tool and explore a world of customizable furniture options, including space-saving Murphy beds and extendable tables on their official website.

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