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Fusion Designs Adds Magnetic Leaf Locks to Solid Wood Tables

Fusion Designs, solid wood, domestically produced case goods producer, is adding an innovative new feature to its dining tables: Magnetic leaf locks that seamlessly extend or retract dining table leaves and hold them securely in place.

The new feature will be standard on all Fusion Designs tables that use ball-bearing slides by year’s end and is immediately available on all tables in its popular new quick-ship custom dining program Essentials Plus which won rave reviews in High Point last month. 

“Our new magnetic leaf locks, made using powerful rare earth magnets, are built right into the edge of our dining table leaves,” said Marcus Bontrager, president of Fusion Designs. “These built-in magnets instantly create a smooth, unified table surface with zero chance leaves will separate or drift.”

Indeed, the ground-breaking new design replaces traditional leaf locks long used by case goods companies across the industry to close the gap between a table’s surface and added leaves. Often cumbersome, traditional leaf locks can interfere with a table’s self-storing features—requiring extra steps to “lock” leaves into place when extending or closing a table.

Worse, traditional leaf locking mechanisms are difficult to tightly secure, often resulting in wobbling or shifting table surfaces and unsightly seams.

“Our goal in introducing this innovation is to provide shoppers in the market for new dining furniture with the ultimate in convenience and functionality,” Bontrager said.

“The exciting thing about this new feature is that these magnetic leaf locks work seamlessly with our wide range of high-quality, solid wood, American wood dining tables, no matter what style or size of table is chosen.”

According to the executive, magnetic leaf locks are just one more example of Fusion Designs’ long focus on innovation, and founder Noah Bontrager’s passion for superior quality.

“One of the key factors in our success over the years has been the fresh perspective my father brought to his growing business and his invention of a number of industry-leading (and much copied) features, including the butterfly table leaf and ball-bearing slides,” Bontrager noted. 
In fact, to achieve the superior quality Noah Bontrager has long pursued, he has repeatedly developed and custom-built proprietary manufacturing equipment for the company’s 80,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Many are unique among case goods manufacturers, including significantly, a machine he designed that ensures perfectly level table surfaces every single time. 

“Noah’s latest innovation of magnetic leaf locks now improves our table surfaces even further in terms of convenience and functionality, in addition to aesthetics,” the executive said. “We are very excited to once again set a new standard in the marketplace.”    

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