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Influencer Tour Offers Unique Experience for Designers at Market

One of the many events that were highlighted in advance of this year’s Spring Market in High Point was the Design Influencers Tour that was hosted by High Point Market Authority (HPMA) and Esteem Media.

Following up from this event were several people close to the tour, with their experiences and favorite moments. The moment we are highlighting is the team’s stop at the Crystorama showroom, where Brian Patrick Flynn and Libby Langdon showcased their collections.

Libby Langdon shared about her experience with the tour, "I was so happy to meet and greet the Design Influencers Tour and share with them my design inspiration for my Crystorama lighting collection! It gave me the opportunity to show them the finishes, materials and what are the things I keep top of mind while designing the pieces.”

Langdon continued, “It helps (to) open up the channels of an entirely new audience! As design partners with Crystorama, Brian Patrick Flynn and I always like to keep it real, and also keep things light and funny!” 

“Hopefully, the group walked away with a better understanding of our passion to create gorgeous lighting and how we can infuse our Crystorama products with our personality and design perspectives!"  concluded Ms. Langdon.

"Participating in the Designer Influencer Tour for the first time was a valuable experience for Crystorama. It allowed us to tell our brand story, showcase our lighting collections in an intimate setting, and connect meaningfully with new designers.” commented Kristi Gulino, Marketing & PR at Crystorama.

“We are especially grateful that our design partners, Libby Langdon and Brian Patrick Flynn, provided the influencers with a unique behind-the-scenes look at their design process and helped us create a truly memorable experience for our visitors.”

Additionally, the influencers were happy to share what they appreciated about the tour. Isabel Ladd, interior designer of Isabel Ladd Interiors, Lexington, KY, “It was a unique perspective to discover new trends simultaneously with a group of people with a variety of backgrounds and aesthetics. I discovered new showrooms that I otherwise would not have visited. It was an honor to be part of this collective.”

Alyce Lopez, owner of added, “The tour was full of inspiration and insight about company history, brand positioning, and furnishings products. Our time with industry partners and professionals was invaluable. I absolutely loved learning about brand collaborations and production with Libby Langdon and Bryan Patrick Flynn at Crystorama.”
“We had wonderful stops like Jaipur Living where we learned more about their company values and how they are providing livable and reliable wages for 30,000 artisans across 70 villages in India. Our tour was full of endless inspiration and an opportunity to expand our social circle.  I look forward to seeing how this tour continues to positively impact our design industry”

Brian Patrick Flynn, Crystorama Lighting Designer, weighed in, “The tours are super helpful for designers with product lines and launches because we’re introduced to folks outside of our usual world of buyers, reps and distributors with whom we really talk shop all day.”

“It’s nice to go from focusing on sales and development and numbers to the fun social stuff by talking to new faces about career paths, everyone’s backgrounds and long term goals, and hearing sweet feedback from other designers who are currently using our products in their projects.”

Flynn concluded, “In a weird way, the tours are kinda like little therapeutic pep talks for designers like myself who are so focused on the product end, that we forget to just let market BE FUN!”

Check out the influencers from the tour at their Instagram accounts:

Alyce Lopez                     

Cara Newhart                  

Isabel Ladd                     

Jaclyn Isaac                    

Jenna Pilant                     

Kate O’Hara                    

Leigh Lincoln & Aly Morford

Ursula Carmona               

Whitney Jones                 

Zachary Wheeler                  

To keep up with Design Influencers Tour news and discoveries after Spring Market, you can still follow the #designincluencerstour hashtag on social media.

And a brief look at Crystorama, one of the showroom stops on the Design Influencer Tour. Check out the photos and the sponsors.

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