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La-Z-Boy’s Strategy for Growth Through 2027 Is Aided by Stravito

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, La-Z-Boy recently saw a need to reconnect with consumers as a result of a shift in shoppers’ spending habits and started work on reinvigorating its brand to expand its consumer base in today’s culture.

In 2021, the company launched Century Vision, its winning strategy for growth through its centennial year in 2027.

Megan Battig, senior consumer insights manager at La-Z-Boy, says, “La-Z-Boy already has high-quality products and strong brand equity in comfort. As a starting point to reinvigorate our brand, we needed to deeply focus on understanding our consumers to grow our business.”

“We needed a central hub where the rest of the organization could access our learnings quickly to help make decisions and drive informed actions throughout the organization.”

“Most organizations have tools to retain and share documents, but we needed something that enabled us to work with more agility - a tool that democratized insights and empowered our team to answer their own questions and curiosities,” said Megan. “That’s when we started engaging with Stravito.”

The socialization of the platform was also key.

Christy Hoskins, VP, chief marketing officer, comments, “As we build a more consumer centric organization at La-Z-Boy, socializing insights is an important enabler in that journey. Stravito provides broad and frictionless accessibility to our insights, making it easy to put the consumer at the center of decision making.”

And whilst La-Z-Boy has only been using Stravito for a couple of months, the team is already looking ahead to the ways they will measure success.

Stravito’s intuitive search function, seamless data organization, and democratization of insights company-wide made it an ideal tool for La-Z-Boy to work with. As the company explores Stravito further, engagement and habit adoption will be tracked to ensure the benefits of implementation are realized.

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