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University Students Go from Concept to Finished Piece in Studio Course

Students in the Furniture Design Course at the University of Oklahoma had a hands-on experience this semester as they created their original pieces in preparation for the exhibition at the MAINSITE Contemporary Art Gallery in Norman, Oklahoma. The exhibit took place at the beginning of December to end their semester.

During the pandemic, their design classes were moved on-line, and they had to adjust to primarily digital modeling. Most of the students in this class started the semester with no knowledge of using tools or creating a full-size, finished piece of furniture.

Things changed immediately when they started this class and their instructor, Chelsea Holcomb, wanted her students to learn and experience the entire process of making something from rough sketch to completed piece, so they would learn what is important to communicate while they are designing.

“Because as designers and architects, we usually hand off our stuff to someone else. We do all the designing, and then we’re like, ‘Hey, here, can you go build this?’”

Holcomb continued, “So, this class forces them to understand how legible their drawings and information have to be in order to be built. And so that teaches them the importance of detailing and the process of designing.”

The students now leave this semester with knowledge of putting their designs on paper, building models, using tools, and building full-size furniture.

This knowledge will give them a valuable foundation and understanding for their future careers, in design, architecture, or whichever field they land in.


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