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Live Furnish Is Making 3D Content Creation Accessible for All

Live Furnish, a 3D visualization technology platform, is making 3D simple and bridging the skill gap necessary to produce high-quality digital content in the home furnishings photography business.

The company’s technology is leading a growing number of studio photographers to lay down their cameras in favor of becoming digital stylists.

Ryan Carlson, senior digital stylist at Live Furnish, made the switch two years ago. “It was becoming clear the studio I was working for was slowing down and companies that had always looked to us for traditional photography were beginning to pull away to focus on 3D content,” he said.

“I saw that the results they could produce with the Live Furnish platform were astonishing in terms of visual fidelity. I realized 3D was simply the next step in the evolution of photography, much like when the industry transitioned from film to digital years ago.” 

“In creating Live Furnish, we set out to replace photography completely with 3D imagery,” said Preet Sahil Singh, CEO and co-founder of Live Furnish. “We knew the only way to do that was to match, or frankly exceed, the quality of studio photography, not just in static content—which is the baseline for what home furnishings companies require—but also configurators, augmented reality experiences and video.”

“So, we built our technology in a way that makes raw materials look indistinguishable from the real thing (leather, for example, reflects light quite differently from suede), even though the products are entirely computer generated. At the end of the day, home furnishings are all about aesthetics, and if your product doesn’t look good, nobody is going to buy it.”

Singh continued, “The beauty of Live Furnish is that the platform enables companies to take complete control of their visual brand identity and create world-class content that they own and can re-use to stand out in a world where beauty and newness always win and getting noticed increasingly depends on who has the best online visual experience,” Singh said. “And they are finding they can do it 90 percent faster than a lifestyle photography studio, and 70 percent cheaper.”

Live Furnish is a technology platform democratizing 3D content creation by making 3D simple. The company helps furniture, textile, home accessories, rugs, bedding, mattresses, outdoor furniture, home appliance makers, and more save time and money by creating 3D content that is proven to outperform studio photography. 

The company said its SaaS cloud-based rendering technology is wrapped into an easy-to-use web interface, where customers can create Visual Content from 3D in minutes instead of days, weeks or longer, at a fraction of the cost of studio photography. Visit for more information.

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