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Ikea Going Small on the West Coast with Two Design Studios

Retail giant Ikea, which is known for its enormous stores, is set to open two relatively small “planning studios” in the Los Angeles area this week that will enable consumers to work with designers on larger home projects such as kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Ikea says the studios, which are less than 10,000 square feet, will supplement its four full-size stores in the Los Angeles market by giving customers another shopping option.

“The new Ikea planning studios offer a unique experience with convenience in mind, and they are tailored for L.A. living,” said Javier Quiñones, CEO & Chief Sustainability Officer of Ikea U.S. “Ikea is consistently transforming to better meet the needs of our customers in California and beyond. We don’t want to stop pushing the envelope when it comes to accessibility and affordability.”

He explained that the design studios are appointment-driven, allowing customers to work with design specialists on planning and ordering home furnishings for complex projects “that require a bit more help.”

Customers won’t be able to take home any products the day they visit a studio, but Ikea staffers will make sure all items are delivered to the consumer’s home or other chosen delivery point.

“With full-service delivery, this is a new, intimate experience that’s uniquely Ikea and uniquely L.A.,” added Gustavo Tinajero, greater Los Angeles market area manager at Ikea U.S. “We are thrilled to be opening the first Ikea planning studios on the West Coast, continuing to create customer meeting points that are more accessible and convenient to the many people of the L.A. market while continuing to offer smart and affordable home solutions.”

The concept for the studios is based on extensive market research to understand consumers, what logistical barriers they face, how they like to shop, how they live at home, and more, the retailer said.

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