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Bedgear Unveils New Innovations at Las Vegas Market

Mattress and sleep accessories producer Bedgear is unveiling its new Flex adjustable base, enhancements to the M3 Performance Mattress and engaging “retail theater” displays at the summer Las Vegas Market.

"Bedgear has always been about helping consumers find their personalized fit with all of our Performance bedding products," said Eugene Alletto, founder and CEO. "Earlier this year we introduced Bedgear's first branded Flex adjustable bases that allowed consumers to find their most comfortable positions while sleeping, working on a laptop or watching TV. Based on that successful product line, Bedgear is introducing a new durable and ergonomically designed Flex base that is so lightweight it is UPS shippable. Additionally, it is easy to assemble by the consumer or retail partner delivery driver."

"Most mattress and bedding galleries are boring. Bedgear's retail partners are looking to give their shoppers interactive and engaging displays as well as a reason to explore their stores and make the shopping experience more additive for both the consumer and retail sales associate at the point of sale," added Alletto. “At Las Vegas Market, Bedgear will showcase new "retail theater" displays that demonstrate the immense breathability of its pillows, sheets and mattresses.

Some of Bedgear's other innovations at Las Vegas Market include:

  • Performance pillows that not only provide cross-ventilation and maximum breathability with their state-of-the-art air vents but also embrace curves by featuring more cuddle-curve designs. These pillows feature a crescent shape that contours and forms perfectly to the sleeper's head, neck and shoulders, giving sleepers more opportunity to find their ideal comfort.
  • M3 Ambient smart bed technology, allowing sleepers to take control of each side of their bed. The app-controlled M3 Ambient features dual-sided temperature control to achieve personalized comfort. This includes a microclimate with ample airflow for each side of the mattress.
  • Three new sheet collections in a variety of colors featuring instant-cooling Ver-Tex and moisture-wicking Dri-Tec technologies as well as other smart fabric technologies.
  • Bedgear Baby and Kids will highlight new crib mattresses, crib sheets and kids' mattress protectors that feature the same breathable fabrics and Performance technologies found in adult mattresses, protectors and sheets to ensure babies and children have a safe, clean and comfortable sleep environment.

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