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Therapedic Announces Success with Immunity Collection

Sleep products manufacturer Therapedic International has announced strong retailer commitment of its Immunity Collection since the debut at January Las Vegas Market.

“In the current post-pandemic world, health consciousness and maintaining personal immunity is foremost on the minds of consumers, globally,” said Gerry Borreggine, president/CEO of Therapedic International. “The Immunity mattresses provide another line of defense, helping consumers enjoy comfort and support, along with the homeopathic benefits of copper, for a naturally restorative night’s sleep.”

The line is a six-number, hybrid collection featuring copper-infused, high-performance foams with Quantum-edge, pocketed coil units. Its distinguishing feature is its high copper content using patented and exclusive, copper yarn technology.

Copper has been tested and proven to be anti-bacterial, improve circulation, and boost immune systems. Immunity’s unique cover has a high copper content of as much as 30%. Not found in any other mattress ticking, even copper ticking, according to company officials, the effect of this high percentage of copper is that the ions in the copper yarn can penetrate up to four-layers of bed clothing. 

“This is a mattress collection that will impart the full benefit of the copper to reach the skin of the sleeper,” said Borreggine. “Unlike other products featuring exclusive cooling or healing features that are buried inside the mattress, many layers below the sleep surface, Immunity has its exclusive feature directly on the surface. And the potency of that feature is so strong that it will permeate through four layers of bed linens, including a mattress pad.”

This patented yarn technology, NatuVerex, boasts the highest copper content of any mattress cover on the market. Its efficacy and effectiveness are certified by fabric manufacturer Fine Cotton Factory in Canada. Fine Cotton officials said the 30% copper yarn content is the “sweet spot” for the fabric’s effectiveness as its research indicates that it is amount of copper need to positively affect the health of the sleeper.

Immunity debuted at the Las Vegas Winter Market in January 2022. It was test-marketed the year prior, under the name MemoryTouch Hybrid, in the Denver market. The product line was designed by Therapedic/Colorado owners Les Mesner and Rodney Goodrum and brought to the Therapedic group, where it was rebranded Immunity for its worldwide premier and release in January.

“The Immunity branding gives this great product line more clarity and better positioning. It was a strong product line for our factory, and now it has gotten even stronger with its new branding, point-of-sale materials, and positioning,” said Goodrum. 

The six-number line begins at $1,299 and tops out with two models at $2,499. All the models feature copper-centric names such as: Cinnamon, Chestnut, Auburn, Terracotta, Siena, and Sepia. All models of Immunity will be on display at the Las Vegas World Market Center during the Summer Market in B-946.

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