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Elements to Host Summer Summit 2022

Elements International Group, LLC has announced it is hosting a Summer Summit in Mesquite, Texas next month that will allow attendees to shop new product introductions, meet and greet with Elements’ teams, and explore Elements’ newest technologies.

Designed with an “Open House” format and a two-week span period to allow for ample scheduling opportunities, Elements is thrilled to welcome customers and sales representatives as they come and go during their upcoming Summer Summit held on July 11 – 22 at their warehouse facility located at 2250 Skyline Drive, Mesquite, Texas.

This anticipated event will grant the opportunity for customers to shop more than 70 brand new product introductions across categories including bedroom, dining, living room, and other accent furniture. Alex Cihak, Elements vice president of sales, says, “We’re excited to be hosting the upcoming Summer Summit. Getting our newest products in front of our customers is important, as October High Point Market is still a long way away.” Alongside showcasing new product, Elements’ teams—including Operations, Accounting, Marketing & Sales—will be readily available to assist and further expand networking opportunities.

In addition to their exclusive furniture, visitors will also have an opportunity to tour Elements Sleep, a domestic mattress manufacturing facility that started production in 2021. The facility is near the Elements’ primary headquarters at 1475 Republic Parkway #200, Mesquite, Texas. “We still have many customers that have not had the opportunity to visit our facilities in Texas,” shares Cihak. “Being able to showcase our domestic manufacturing facilities and our capability to mix domestic and imported goods here is something we are really proud to show.”

Elements has also partnered with Outward, Inc., a pioneer in visual technology solutions that is reinventing the way product photography is created, presented, and consumed. Customers will not want to miss the live demonstration of the newest technology that Elements will be incorporating through Outward’s Aperture Platform.

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