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Humanscale Receives TRUE Certifications for Zero Waste Efforts

Humanscale, a global leader in the design of office furniture, has announced that the organization was awarded TRUE Gold and Silver certifications for all of their production facilities globally.

TRUE stands for Total Resource Use and Efficiency, and is administered by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) to help facilities define, pursue, and achieve zero waste goals while becoming more resource-efficient. Humanscale is the first furniture manufacturer to achieve TRUE certification.

"When we manage our materials carefully enough that none are considered 'waste,' we're no longer operating in the linear economy of take-make-waste, and we can begin to make the circular economy a reality," said Jane Abernathy, chief sustainability officer, Humanscale. "Our corporate goals and policies recognize it is no longer sufficient for companies to simply reduce their harmful impacts. Instead, we must take meaningful action to reuse and divert materials waste, recycle hard to recycle materials, and work closely with vendors and suppliers to proactively prevent waste so that the entire industry can benefit."

The TRUE certification for zero waste strives to change the way materials flow through society so that all products are eventually reused and diverted from landfills, incineration (waste-to-energy), and the environment. TRUE provides best practices and training that enable businesses, property managers, schools, government agencies, and nonprofits to rethink how resources are used. TRUE-certified projects are environmentally responsible and achieve a minimum of 90% waste diversion. The program helps facilities turn waste into savings, cut greenhouse gas emissions, manage risk, reinvest resources, and create jobs. Humanscale commissioned The Sheward Partnership to serve as TRUE certification consultants for their four manufacturing facilities and help the organization achieve their goal to become zero waste in their manufacturing process.

"Humanscale recognizes that by pursuing zero waste they are helping us build a sustainable future for all," said Peter Templeton, president and CEO of U.S. Green Building Council and GBCI. "Waste impacts all facets of business and changing the way that we use resources will deliver public health benefits, reduce our environmental impact, and advance a greener economy."

To obtain TRUE certification of their facilities, Humanscale performed a holistic examination of new ways to reuse material, recycle hard to recycle materials, work with suppliers to proactively prevent waste, and develop a culture of responsible materials management within all factories. The process fosters strong total participation, including training of all employees and zero waste relationships with vendors and customers. The whole systems approach enabled Humanscale to obtain a higher level certification than they were expecting within a short timeframe.

As part of the framework outlined above, Humanscale has assigned a Waste Leader at each location. Waste audits are also conducted twice each month to surface any small changes left to make so that the furniture brand can continue to refine their processes.

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