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Leone Di Fiume Unveils New Spring Collection

Leone di Fiume, a luxury handblown glass and candle company, has launched its spring collection of new home accessories, encompassing nearly 40 crystal-quality pieces.

Crafted by European artisans, the collection combines the art of glass blowing with candles to create dual-purpose works of art. Designed to elevate retailers’ decorative accessories offerings with fragrance blends that are inspired by nature, the beauty and functionality of the glass remains after the candles burn away.

“The response to our designs has been incredibly enthusiastic as consumers look for new ways to show their style. Our exquisite creations are all about expressing yourself in unique ways and that’s exactly what discerning consumers are looking for,” said Yasemin Teke Arslan, CEO of Leone di Fiume. “The spring collection offers our retail partners a line of unique, decorative and functional accessories that draws consumers to their store. We’re very excited about this launch.”

From creamy whites to vibrant blues and moody amber tints the collection is brilliant in color and includes diamond-cut patterns that adds opulence to any room. 

Inspired by a historical European building, the 77.6-ounce Casa di Pietra and the 30-ounce Misteriosa feature artfully crafted doors accentuated by gold embellishments. Magnificent windows and columns surround the perimeter and welcome the beam of light that will pass through the glass vessel when the candle is lit. Both are hand painted with 24-karat gold and platinum, fired in the company’s kilns, and presented in a handmade, environmentally sustainable wooden chest. Bringing together the elegance of delicate spices and woods, Casa di Pietra’s fragrance exudes masculinity and opulence with dark spicy tones. It retails for $640. Misteriosa’s luxurious harmony of cedarwood, cardamom and bergamot create an intoxicating scent that is long lasting. Misteriosa retails for $490.

Luna & Sole Gigante uses the moon and sun in its stylized pattern to represent the “eye of the night and they eye of the day,” and includes 24-karat gold embellishments. Touches of citrus and lemon accompany the notes of rose and jasmine to create a warm and sweet fragrance profile. The suggested retail price is $235.

Celeste Giorno and Celeste Notte aim to shift one’s understanding of a vase. A celestial pattern is decal printed using 24-karat gold, and then hand painted with glass colors and fired. The pieces symbolize the principle of duality in the universe using the lunar cycle as a symbol of periodic change and renewal. Celeste Giorno and Celeste Notte are both presented in a sustainably sourced handmade wooden chest and retail for $112 and $119 respectively.

Other introductions include Grande Marrone and Cannella, with their striking tree bark motif and engraved design pattern, which symbolize a “deep-rooted life.” Grand Marrone’s fragrance reveals the perfect balance of spicy and woody accords. Cannella includes rich notes of orange peel, red apple and clove scents with warm and inviting cinnamon and pumpkin accords. The 45.85-ounce Grande Marrone retails for $235, while the 15.2-ounce Cannela retails for $122.

Leone di Fiume’s mouthblown glass and candle accent pieces are filled with 100% natural soy wax and are scented with perfume-grade fragrances that are unique to the brand and sourced from a Switzerland-based fragrance house. The candle ingredients are renewable and biodegradable and offer a non-toxic, soot-free burn. The scented wicks are made from 100-percent cotton and offer a long-lasting burn time of 40 hours. The smaller pieces are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes, while the larger pieces are packaged in elegant, sustainably sourced wooden boxes. 

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