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SuperCat Solutions Adds New Features to eCat App

SuperCat Solutions, provider of the eCat iPad app for B2B sales, has announced new tools for sales teams that convert sales data from manufacturers into actionable information for growing sales and ensuring dealer success.

Based on a manufacturer's latest sales data, with a few taps eCat users can now quickly view photos of products that sell best in their geographical region by product type, collection, style, designer, availability or other customizable criteria. A specific dealer or designer's purchase history can then be quickly compared to regional bestsellers to identify products they will be most successful selling, taking into account both the dealer's historical product preferences and items their regional competitors are selling best.

"With these powerful new capabilities, manufacturer's sales teams can quickly and effectively guide dealers to products more likely to appeal to consumers in their region, easily focusing on products available for quick shipment," said Steve Thrasher, CEO of SuperCat Solutions. "So everyone wins - consumers, dealers, reps, and manufacturers."

The new features are the latest developments in a suite of eCat "Smart Sales" capabilities that leverage manufacturers' global sales data from all orders to instantly show actionable sales information with product photos in interactive displays.

●      Territory Sales Ranking- Quickly identify regional top sellers, drill down to specific products using manufacturer-defined criteria, then easily write orders or share complete product details via email or PDF presentations.

●      Favorites - Profile a specific dealer or designer's style/product preferences at a glance by viewing photos of the customer's historical purchases ranked with the customer's best-selling items at the top. Product availability and the dealer's unit sales, dollar sales and on-order quantities with estimated delivery dates display with the photos. 

●      Smart Picks - View automatically generated, related product selections for a specific dealer based on their historical purchase preferences and best sellers in their region.

"Data can be very powerful when converted to information and applied intelligently," said Thrasher. "Our ongoing mission is to simplify and enhance B2B sales. One way to do this is by converting large amounts of data into succinct, actionable information at users' fingertips. With these new tools and the agility they enable, we give our customers an edge that's particularly helpful in our current supply chain driven environment where available inventory is a huge focus." 

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