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Lifeloom to Launch Frictionless Sleep System Collection at LV Market

Bedding industry newcomer Lifeloom will debut at the upcoming Las Vegas Market with Frictionless Sleep System sheets, the first bedding product engineered with DermaTherapy technology clinically proven to improve sleep quality.

The Frictionless Sleep System is a collection of sheets and pillowcases made from the most advanced technical textiles and proven to improve the ability to keep cool and move freely in bed by more than 50%. Lifeloom with Dermatherapy is the only bedding product recognized by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration as a Class I medical device for the treatment of certain skin conditions.

Lifeloom’s Frictionless Sleep System solves a common problem for the average sleeper every night – sticking, tugging sheets that disrupt sleep and lead to that tired, unrested feeling in the morning. This unique bedding system allows sleepers to move and change positions more freely without the resistance of regular sheets while providing cooler, better-quality sleep.

Made in the USA using patented machinery, Lifeloom sheets are woven using continuous filament fibers that do not protrude beyond the planar surface of the fabric, which virtually eliminates friction to prevent skin irritation and create a cooler surface. The fabric is designed to rapidly wick moisture, to control odors and bacteria on the fabric, and to provide a smooth sleep surface for people with sensitive skin.

Key benefits include:

  • Improves sleep quality for sufferers of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia
  • Reduces friction by 35% resulting in improvement to symptoms of psoriasis and eczema
  • Reduces inflammatory acne by 49%

“At Lifeloom, we are committed to creating products that are proven to improve sleep. Everyone on the Lifeloom team has worked diligently to gain FDA approval, which took many years and millions of dollars to achieve. We’re excited that our innovative products are now available to those suffering from conditions that keep them awake, and for anyone who is looking for a Frictionless Sleep System that keeps them cool and comfortable throughout the night,” said Bradley Siepp, Lifeloom Chief Operating Officer.

Lifeloom will be on display in the Englander showroom C-1596 during Las Vegas Market.

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