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Bedgear Enhances PillowID and Mattress Fitting Process

Mattress and sleep accessories producer Bedgear has bolstered its sustainability and customer satisfaction efforts through its improved online PillowID finder and in-store pillow and mattress fitting process.

Bedgear has a 1 percent return rate because of its digital self-service and sales-associated-assisted options to get the "consumer fit right the first time."

Both the online PillowID finder and retail sales associates ask the consumer a few sleep preference questions to personally fit each individual based on body type, sleep position and temperature. The company believes 30 percent of a sleeper's comfort comes from the pillow and 70 percent from the mattress. As such, pillow and mattress fittings are both offered in store.

Bedgear Performance pillows come in different sizes, or heights, for proper neck and spinal alignment. Both the PillowID and in-store fitting options take less than a minute to complete.

"Sustainability has always been a key consideration for Bedgear," said Eugene Alletto, CEO and founder. "As a result, Bedgear's breathable pillows and mattresses are engineered to be modular, meaning different components can be replaced, such the Independent Suspension Units of the M3 Mattresses or even their removable, washable covers, instead of tossing the entire mattress into a landfill. Besides creating engaging in-store experiences with retails sales associates, our retail partners also deeply care about reducing the carbon footprint. They are discovering their RSAs are also an extension of their sustainability efforts. The extra few seconds RSAs spend with a shopper to conduct pillow and mattress fittings not only stops feeding the landfill but also increases customers' long-term happiness and decreases returns. This is what Bedgear means when we say, 'we get the consumer fit right the first time'."

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