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Three Innovative Designers Bring “Das Apartment Haus” to Imm Cologne

Three designers, Luca Nichetto, Sebastian Herkner and Studio Truly Truly, have been selected to create “Das Apartment Haus” at international interiors show imm cologne 2022.

As the centrepiece of the Interior Business Event, “Das Haus” has been a platform for international designers to present their personal interpretations of tomorrow’s home & living. Marking the 10th year at imm cologne, the last nine editions reflected various facets of social and cultural change, with designers making important statements through their exploration of topics such as climate change and resource scarcity in their designs.

“It was supposed to be a celebration for all design fans and the preliminary highlight of one of the interiors industry’s most prestigious design events. However, after we had to cancel imm cologne in 2021 and ‘Das Apartment HAUS’ with it because of the pandemic, we are relaunching imm cologne in January 2022 in a more compact form. As part of the repositioning of the event, we now also have a new look for ‘Das Apartment HAUS’ – corresponding with the revamped event,” says Claire Steinbrück, director of imm cologne. 

“Even though we are restructuring the project with a new look, we intend to continue to tell the story of ‘Das Haus’ and keep what made it so special,” adds Dick Spierenburg, creative director of imm cologne. “Visions of ‘Das Apartment HAUS’ is a homage to ‘Das Haus’. The basic concept of presenting design solutions for contemporary living in apartments and co-living spaces remains. It’s an exciting and important topic that we’re determined to drive forward.”

Over three open-plan areas, visitors will experience three sophisticated visions for living – three unique and personal perspectives and interpretations. Each one of the creative teams brings very different design approaches into the project. But they will all use their spaces to present new developments with brands such as Thonet, Wittmann, Leolux, Rakumba, Schönbuch, Gandia Blasco, Ethimo, Wendelbo, Lodes, Arflex, La Manufacture, Freifrau, Classicon, CoEdition and many others.

Even if visions of ‘Das Apartment HAUS’ is not the same as the ‘Das Haus’ event originally planned, the new format offers enough flexibility to present the vision and ideas of the designers. The Australian designer Kate Booy, who runs Studio Truly Truly with her husband Joel Booy, will also work on the continuation of her spatial research through the stimulation of the senses under these new parameters. The designer couple’s concept is that, rather than adopting a typical residential layout, they imagine the space as a canvas arranged with an exciting composition of elements.

In contrast, Luca Nichetto’s ideas are focused on values such as passion, craftsmanship, and the importance of savoir faire and community – consisting of designers and companies. In his view, investing in a design product always means investing in the community that is behind that product.

The Offenbach-based designer Sebastian Herkner will explore the design of co-living and co-working spaces. He is particularly interested in the transitions between spaces for concentration and for communication. His aim is to design these in a way that provides space for people’s various needs: space to retreat, to work together and to meet people and allow a feeling of community to emerge.

The story of “Das Haus” will be continued in the tenth edition of the event – with three stages and, consequently, three meeting places that, in line with imm cologne 2022’s motto “Time for an Exchange”, will inspire discussion, reflection and in-person dialogue.

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