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Intiaro Enhances 3D Platform

Intiaro, a provider of 3D visualization technology, has launched major upgrades to its cutting-edge platform used by top brands and interior designers in the home furnishings industry.

Intiaro’s latest and most advanced suite of 3D and configuration tools, includes several significant upgrades to already powerful features that have enabled furniture manufacturers and interior designers to generate high-quality product renderings quickly and easily.

The newly upgraded platform provides:

  • Superior range and quality in color, contrast, tone, shadows and details
  • Cloud-generated visualizations, generated ad-hoc, not limited by user’s device capabilities
  • Unlimited level of product customizations support at a much-reduced cost
  • Simple and flexible website and eCommerce platforms integration API

Industry leaders such as Ethan Allen, Lexington Home Brands, Century, Norwalk, Rowe and Kravet are among those that have invested in Intiaro’s technology. As a result, they have been able to increase sales through partners integrating the 3D technology, reduce return rates, replace traditional photography, and enhance the customer experience online and in-store.

Intiaro CEO Pawel Ciach explained that retailers who carry brands that have the technology can integrate it into their websites at no cost in a matter of days. This allows the retailers to engage the consumer early in the customer journey that often begins online.

“The big advantage with our platform is that the customer’s investment in the technology and 3D assets is protected because all the features are seamlessly upgraded as soon as it’s available – just like with Tesla’s over-the-air upgrades. With other providers, the visual quality becomes obsolete over time, increasing the cost of ownership just to keep up with the technology,” he said.

Century President and CEO Alex Shuford described their partnership with Intiaro: “We decided to engage Intiaro because of their unique skills and platform features and capabilities to handle our highly customizable product offering. What we love about working with them goes beyond the superior technology; they are a true long-term 3D partner. They constantly seek ways to improve their platform and add new features so working with them is having a built-in continuous improvement team on our 3D investment.”

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