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SuperCat Solutions Enhances eCat App to Drive B2B Sales

With the COVID driven shift in B2B sales from in-person trade shows and traveling sales reps to e-commerce and virtual sales meetings, SuperCat Solutions, provider of the eCat iPad sales app, is making sales information easily accessible to sales teams in new ways that help ensure customer success and grow sales.

Eleven years ago, SuperCat Solutions introduced its game-changing iPad app for B2B sales reps at the October 2010 High Point furniture market. Since its introduction, the company continually enhances eCat averaging six major feature releases annually.

SuperCat’s newest enhancements use manufacturer-provided sales data to generate information sales reps can use to serve customers and sell more effectively.  

For example, sales teams can use filters to focus the product selection in eCat, then sort the catalog by territory and regional product sales rank, viewing product photos with pricing, inventory availability, and a selected customer’s sales, backorders, and other information.  

These features enable users to quickly select the best products for specific customers based on the customer’s historical product preferences and best sellers in the customer’s region, then email product information or add them to orders with just a few taps.

“The pandemic introduced unique new challenges for B2B sales teams. We’ve helped clients address these challenges with the eCat iPad app for their sales teams and with the eCat Online B2B e-commerce site and customer service portal for their customers,” said Steve Thrasher, CEO and partner at SuperCat Solutions. “We’ve introduced new features that provide actionable, up-to-date sales information so both inside and outside B2B sales teams can effectively guide customers to success, whether working with customers in-person or in online meetings. Our B2B sales software has proven particularly helpful in the current environment, where selling available and in-transit inventory is a huge focus. I’m very excited by how these tools are helping our clients, their sales teams, and their customers succeed.”

Recently introduced ‘sales intelligence’ tools include:

  • “Smart Sales” features: Sales representatives can now see a customer’s historical product and style preferences and current on-order quantities at a glance, with or without an Internet connection. This helps generate reorders, identify more products the customer is likely to sell successfully, and answer questions about backorder delivery on the spot - without calls to customer service.
  • “Smart Picks”: eCat automatically analyzes sales data to suggest product selections for a specific customer by comparing the customer’s top-selling product categories with top sellers in the customer’s region that the customer has not yet purchased. 
  • Territory Sales: Users can now optionally sort the catalog by product sales in their sales territory. This enables quick visual identification of regional product preferences by product category. Users can view a selected customer’s sales numbers in the catalog to identify top sellers in specific product categories that the customer is purchasing or has not yet purchased.

“Data is helpful only when turned into actionable information that’s presented in a useful way. These new and enhanced tools provide interactive, fast, and highly visual ways to access up-to-date information and match products to customer needs, grow sales, and focus on turning on-hand inventory. We want to give our clients’ management and their sales teams a competitive edge by providing quick and easy access to this type of powerful, actionable, easily accessible information,” said Thrasher.

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