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Met x Ann Gish Collaboration Debuts at High Point Market

The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Ann Gish, known for their exquisitely detailed, finely made bed linens, have announced the debut of a textile and accessory collaboration this fall.

The Met x Ann Gish collaboration distills vibrant pieces from The Met’s vast collection into textiles for the home. The four initial ensembles are inspired by the exceptional designs of an embossed Babylonian paver, a painted Egyptian tile, a 19th-century American appliqued botanical quilt, and a Meiji-period kimono and basket. Accessory pieces range from a playful pillow derived from Egyptian tomb painting to the radiant embroidery inspired by a couture ball gown. From ancient objects to contemporary works, The Met x Ann Gish offers modern design inspiration drawing on five thousand years of human creative expression.

Jane Gish, CEO of the brand states, “If I had to dream up the ideal partnership for Ann Gish, The Met would be the perfect partner. We are so thrilled to be working with The Met and their stellar team—it feels like a match made in business heaven. The opportunity to bring the magic of The Met into the home with our designs has been an exciting, synergistic process.”

Gish continues, “We can’t wait to unveil the first group of collections in High Point in October and are excited to continue with more designs in the years to come.”

“We are elated to collaborate with Ann Gish on this luxurious collection,” says Stephen Mannello, Head of Retail at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, “We hope that these elegant and sophisticated designs will bring historic works of art into the everyday lives of customers and inspire them to learn more about art and culture.”

The Metropolitan Museum of Art transports visitors through time, place, and culture through the lens of art and artifact. Experience the magic of The Met in the comfort of your home with designs from Ann Gish and live with works of art that have captured the human imagination for centuries.

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