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3D Visualization Provider Intiaro Partners with Kravet, Rowe

Intiaro, an industry leader in immersive 3D visualization solutions for design-oriented brands and interior design professionals, has joined forces with Kravet Inc. and Rowe Furniture to begin displaying their wide range of products in customizable 3D images, allowing for a more immersive consumer experience.

Recently, Intiaro launched a new platform for interior designers—DesignerBoard3D. Intiaro saw a need in the design industry for 3D tools more specifically tailored to their needs. By using the same technology from Intiaro’s 3D configuration platform, they were able to create a new platform that has already attracted hundreds of interior designers from a wide range of disciplines across the United States.

Kravet Inc, a fifth-generation family business, provides high-end fabrics, furniture, wallcoverings, trimmings, carpets and accessories. Rowe Furniture specializes in custom upholstery on designer couches, sectionals and chairs. Both companies will also be hosting their products on the new DesignerBoard3D platform.

“We felt Intiaro offered the best option for sectional configurations,” said Kravet Chief Process and Innovation Officer Jesse Lazarus. “The launch of the DesignerBoard3D application was a good opportunity for us to partner with Intiaro and serve that sectional configuration in both the app and on our own website.”

“Visualization has become an expectation for the end consumer in today's environment,” said Rowe Furniture vice president of marketing David Shilesky. “Most people prefer to research and determine their purchase decision in advance. Visualization provides them with an opportunity to complete the decision-making process and make a final purchase.”

The visual platform incorporates a sophisticated configurator with hybrid 360-degree visualization as well as both app-less AR and dedicated white-label AR apps. Industry leaders Ethan Allen, Lexington Home Brands, Vanguard, Century Furniture and Norwalk Furniture all leverage Intiaro technology to better serve their dealers and retail customers. Intiaro is based in Greensboro, NC with additional overseas offices.

In addition to high-quality visuals and e-commerce support, Intiaro’s 3D services also provide a more inexpensive alternative to traditional 2D product photography. In fact, brands who choose Intiaro can easily save up to thousands of dollars in product visualization by making the switch. Additionally, with 3D visualization, Intiaro can generate an image for furniture that hasn't even been manufactured yet, which can help greatly in the product development process.

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