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PFP Creates Free Tool to Evaluate Retailers Cash Flow

Promotional sales company Planned Furniture Promotions (PFP) is offering a free tool to evaluate the health of retailer’s cash flow and prevent catastrophic business losses during the current supply and demand challenges.    

“It is taking too long for customers to get their purchases, if at all,” said Tom Liddell, senior vice president, PFP. “They are purchasing more than ever and paying their down payments but not receiving their merchandise on a timely basis. This may eventually turn into cancellations which will require refunds. And even worse, many are using the customer deposits as cash flow to run their business. This may lead to a ‘cash flow storm’ the likes of which the furniture industry has never seen before.”

PFP’s solution to help retailers is a cash flow calculator in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Retailers have the assurance of a certified-safe download at no cost to them:

“We’ve already seen clients that were shocked by the results when using this tool,” said Liddell. “Many are enjoying record-setting business, however, that comes with a very steep price when it comes to fulfilling those orders.”

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