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Market Snapshot Program Features 50+ Products for Fall High Point Market

International Market Centers (IMC) has announced that 54 of its High Point Market exhibitors are finalists for Fall 2020 Market Snapshot. Voting for the final three People Choice’s winners – furniture (upholstery), furniture (case goods) and home décor – is now open through Oct. 9 at and daily on the DesignOnHPMkt Instagram page. The winners will be announced on Oct. 13, opening day of High Point Market.

“In a time where pre-market planning is more important than ever, IMC’s Market Snapshot provides buyers and designers a sneak peek at some of the latest and greatest products that our High Point exhibitors will offer,” said Dorothy Belshaw, IMC’s chief customer and marketing officer.

Market Snapshot presents exciting, new, innovative and trendsetting furniture and home décor products across IMC’s 17 High Point Market properties. (Note: finalist’s product photos are available at

Fall 2020 High Point Market Snapshot finalists and their products are:

  • Amity Home: Alexandria & Keating Collection (Suites at Market Square - M-6020, Mezzanine)
  • Ann Gish: Linenberry and Filament (IHFC - IH114, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • Arason Enterprises: Bridgeport Creden-ZzZ (Suites at Market Square - M-3033)
  • Art & Frame Source: (IHFC - H321, Hamilton, Floor 3)
  • Art Floral Trading: Congo Vases (Suites at Market Square - M-4033, Mezzanine)
  • Artmax: Malibu Collection and Mabel Collection (IHFC - D420, Design Center, Floor 4)
  • Arteriors: Finley Chandelier (Commerce & Design - 1A, 1B, 1G, 4B, Floor 1)
  • Askman Design: Dagmar Chair (IHFC - IH201, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • Barlow Tyrie: Teak and Equinox Stainless Steel and Ceramic Extending Table (Market Square - 191, Floor 1)
  • Be | OUTSPOKEN: Make Waves Collection (Suites at Market Square - G-6058, Ground)
  • Belle Meade Signature: Avery dresser/Gwen Bed (IHFC - IH504, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • Bivona & Company: Ti Amo Sierra Tee Pee Bed and Trundle (Suites at Market Square - G-7054, Ground)
  • Boda Acrylic: Custom Acrylic Desk Bases with Lacquered Top (IHFC - D322, Design Center, Floor 3)
  • Bungalow 5: Morris Desk (IHFC - IH610, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • Camerich: Puzzle Chair and Qing Desk Chair (IHFC - D740, Design Center, Floor 7)
  • carol & frank: Raina (Suites at Market Square - M-3024, Mezzanine)
  • Cavalletto: Trebiciano Collection (IHFC - IH102, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • Celadon Art: High Desert Dune (Suites at Market Square - M-1000A, Mezzanine)
  • Cloud 9 Design: Rica Modern Geometric Duvet (Suites at Market Square - G-1025, Ground)
  • Copeland Furniture: Iso Dining Room (Showplace - 5100, Floor 5)
  • Dome Deco: Lugano Sectional Sofa (IHFC - IH302, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • Doug Frates Glass: Two Tone Platters (Suites at Market Square - G-7053, Ground)
  • Eastern Accents: Medara Embroidered Ottoman (Suites at Market Square - G-1000, Ground)
  • Egoitaliano: (IHFC - IH209, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • Ethnicraft: Blue Mist Organic Glass Tray (IHFC - IH410, IH411, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • F.J. Kashanian Rugs (Suites at Market Square - G-2034, G-2037, Ground)
  • IndoPuri: Quadra Side Table (Suites at Market Square - G-7048, Ground)
  • Irene Gates: A Beautiful Summer Day (Suites at Market Square - M-6005, Mezzanine)
  • Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture: Jonathan Charles Toulouse Dining Room (200 N. Hamilton St. - N Ct 135, Floor 1)
  • Kenneth Cobonpue USA: Babar Cabinet | Desk (IHFC - IH203, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • Mainly Baskets: Cape Collection by Sarah Bartholomew (Suites at Market Square - G-7059, Ground)
  • MASTOUR Rugs: #TIB 38 and #TIB 262 (Suites at Market Square - G-3039, Ground)
  • Modway: (IHFC - H704, Hamilton, Floor 7)
  • Ngala Trading Co.: Cheetah Kings Pillows (Suites at Market Square - G-7015, Ground)
  • Orientalist Home: Sheba Collection (Suites at Market Square - G-1037, G-1050, Ground)
  • Pacific Coast Lighting: Hamilton (IHFC - H203, Hamilton, Floor 2)
  • Paragon: Great Sea Turtle (IHFC - C203, Commerce, Floor 2)
  • Peacock Alley: The Mandalay Linen Collection and Ellie Duvet & Shams/Olivia matelassé (IHFC - D319, Design Center, Floor 3)
  • Pendulux: Ellipse Collection (Suites at Market Square - G-4001, Ground)
  • Pianca: Cornice (IHFC - IH409, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • RFA Décor: Madame Butterfly (IHFC - D319, Design Center, Floor 3)
  • S & H Rugs: 8'10"x12' Colorful Sari Silk with Textured Wool Erased Persian Gumbad Design Oriental Rug (Suites at Market Square - M-2048, Mezzanine)
  • Samad: Meridian Collection - Glory, Indigo (Market Square Tower - 115, Floor 1)
  • Sarried: Butterfly Dining Table/Black High Back Dining Chair/Barton Cabinet (Commerce & Design - 3D, Floor 3)
  • Seed Design: OLO WU Wall Sconce and Sircle Pendant PH4 (IHFC - IH208, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • Southern Home: (Suites at Market Square - M-1015, Mezzanine)
  • Studio A Home: Manta Throw-Dark Grey (IHFC - D213, D220, Design Center, Floor 2)
  • The Studio by Tiger: Lonestar Canary (IHFC - IH401, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • Tree Masters: Emerald Green Sansevieria Floor Plant (IHFC - IH401, Commerce, Floor 1)
  • Unique Loom: Ultra Vintage Collection and Sabrina Soto Casa Collection (Market Square - 240, Floor 2)
  • Urbia: Cube Buffet and Kullen End Table (Commerce & Design - 5A, Floor 5)
  • Uttermost: Kalani Wood Wall Décor (IHFC - C448, Commerce, Floor 4)
  • Vintage Print Gallery: 2190 Watercolor Bird Series (Suites at Market Square - M-7014, Mezzanine)
  • Worlds Away: Drayton WH (IHFC - IH500, IH600, Commerce, Floor 1)

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