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King Koil Partners with Jerome’s Furniture, Secures Smartlife Placement

Mattress manufacturer King Koil has announced a partnership with Jerome’s Furniture, securing placement of its Smartlife Mattress by King Koil and its Handcrafted and Bespoke collections.

King Koil’s Smartlife Mattress, which is designed to adjust to body shape, weight, sleep position and consumer preferences, will be part of the new assortment, along with two others made by King Koil,  ranging from $2,000 to $5,000.

The Smartlife placement will include an innovative in-store presentation with a high-definition screen mounted above the bed to help consumers understand the technology built into the sleep system during rest tests. The video explains the technology in a user-friendly manner to describe how the mattress helps deliver supportive sleep.

“Owned and operated by the Navarra family for more than 65 years, Jerome’s Furniture is not only a powerhouse retailer in Southern California, but a dedicated philanthropic organization that is committed to giving back to the communities in which its employees live and work. We are proud to partner with Jerome’s for a four-model private label line with SKUs ranging from mid-priced to high-end mattresses under the Jerome’s iconic brand, as well as add our Smartlife Mattress and its innovative point-of-purchase technology to its retail merchandising strategy,” said David Binke, King Koil CEO.

“We are thrilled to introduce King Koil in our stores,” said Brian Woods, CEO of Jerome’s Furniture. “Smartlife’s real-time sleep monitoring and data analysis adds an innovative sleep technology to our assortment and the in-store display will add another tool to our RSAs’ toolbox for helping consumers understand the benefits of the product and how it can help them achieve better sleep.

“The Handcrafted and Bespoke collections have something for everyone at a variety of price points with the added benefit of King Koil’s industry-leading quality craftsmanship, which we are proud to now be able to offer under our umbrella of bedding products,” he added.

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