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Treasure Garden Introduces EVO Dual Light-Sound Pod

Manufacturer of outdoor shade products and accessories Treasure Garden has introduced EVO, a state-of-the-art multifunctional outdoor ambiance umbrella and table light with built-in Bluetooth speakers.  A light-sound accessory in one, the EVO is similar to Treasure Garden’s current Luna, with a twist. The EVO is an umbrella and a table light in one unit and an integrated bass speaker that provides a crisp surround sound experience outdoors. This pod can turn any umbrella into its very own entertainment and charging system.  

“Named to recognize the evolution of umbrella lighting units from the designers at Treasure Garden, the EVO goes beyond the current umbrella light accessories with state-of-the-art design and technology, and turns any umbrella into a compact and multi-function entertainment system,” said Ben Ma, vice president, Treasure Garden. “The ability to not only offer light and sound, the EVO also boasts a contemporary design and multi-purpose functionality. Moreover, it attaches to an umbrella; but also sits and illuminates as tabletop accent lighting.”  

With a total of three speakers, this umbrella light contains the mid- and high-range speakers to create vivid and clear acoustics. A subwoofer is integrated in the bottom cabinet ensuring a deep, rich bass. The EVO includes high quality Bluetooth-certified surround sound speakers, LED lights and an external USB port to charge electronic devices. The EVO comes in both black and white finishes. The black unit delivers a warm light while the white unit offers a cool light.

Additional specifications of the EVO include being water resistance tested for protection from splashing water. Powered by 4 lithium batteries, the EVO can be fully charged in three hours and provide up to eight hours of battery life. 

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