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Precision Textiles Launches Luxe Collection

Totowa, N.J.-based Precision Textiles, a leading supplier of coated fabrics, nonwovens and laminations for the bedding, automotive, health care and home furnishings industries, has announced the launch of the Luxe Collection, a revolutionary line of premium fibers for quilted mattress panels.

The new collection adds performance-enhancing products to its product line, a relatively new arena for the company which, until recently, has been more well-known in the industry for its specialized emphasis on flame retardant materials.

In addition to offering its customers a broader product line, the Luxe Collection – which enhances the feel of a sleep surface with a luxurious layer of support and a high-end silky texture that foam cannot achieve on its own – allows bedding manufacturers and retailers to merchandise mattresses at luxury price points without the associated premium raw material costs, creating an opportunity for better margins.

“Expanding our portfolio with new performance-enhancing products demonstrates our focus on innovation and continually reinventing ourselves to better serve our customers in the bedding industry,” said Scott Tesser, chief executive officer of Precision Textiles. “With this launch, we are sending a message to the industry that while we will continue our focus on providing best-in-class FR solutions, we are a full-service solutions provider, offering both performance-based and utility-based components for mattresses and sleep products.”

While the new collection includes a fire retardant option, unlike other products in Precision’s portfolio that were solely designed to provide flame retardant properties, the three-tier collection - Luxe Bliss, Luxe Plush and Luxe Plush FR – was designed to create a premium sleep surface that allows users to comfortably adjust sleep positions throughout the night without interrupting sleep, a benefit that can raise any mattress to the next price tier, according to Tesser.

“Quilted panels manufactured with Luxe Collection fibers can easily elevate a $2,000 mattress to a $3,000 mattress, creating affordable luxury that does not carry a luxury price point,” he continued. 

“While traditional foam products make you feel as if you are sinking into your mattress, the disadvantage to that sinking feeling is that with any type of side to side movement, you can easily feel the resistance and traction of the foam against the body,” he added. “Our Luxe Collection dissipates that resistance and creates an incredibly luxurious sleep surface that foam cannot achieve on its own.”

The collection includes Luxe Bliss, the lightest at 12.5 osy, Luxe Plush at 25 osy, and Luxe Plush FR, at 25 osy with fire retardancy. In addition to the high-end comfort and texture attributes, quilted panels manufactured with Luxe Collection premium fibers feature enhance breathability and moisture wicking properties. The materials are also hypoallergenic and free of skin irritants.

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