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Bradington-Young Reports Jump in Orders of Domestically-Produced Products

Luxury leather upholstery producer Bradington-Young has reported a significant rise in orders for its’ domestically manufactured upholstery pieces compared to this time last year.

The company credits the increase to pent-up demand from consumers who have been cooped up at home for months and a renewed interest in American-produced products in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Consumers are investing in their interiors more than ever because their homes have now become their offices, classrooms and living quarters,” said Craig Young, president of Bradington-Young. “Some of these upgrades that may have been overlooked before are now a priority because so much of their time is being spent at home. We haven’t seen a trend like this during the summer months in years, so it’s clear that consumers are prioritizing upgrading their living spaces.”

“We’ve heard from many retailers that consumers are paying more attention to where products are manufactured,” added Young. “I think there’s a portion of consumers who are concerned about their health and germs and feel more at ease about knowing where their products are coming from. There’s also a sense of patriotism among American consumers who want to support U.S. manufacturers in the current economy. Consumers have also expressed a desire for quick delivery of products which isn’t always possible with the lead times associated with some imported products.”

Cheryl Sigmon, vice president of merchandising for Bradington-Young added that consumer spending habits have also changed. “Many consumers are not vacationing this year and so some of those funds can now be shifted to upgrading their homes and making improvements that they may have been putting off. We are seeing more sales of sectionals as well, which can be attributed to families spending more time together at home and the need for additional seating,” she notes.

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