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Storis Releases Version 10.3

Retail software provider Storis has released version 10.3 of its popular software platform, adding features so that businesses can reopen with the newest functionality.

A significant enhancement in 10.3 is Enhanced Special Order, which greatly expands the flexibility and control over Special Order product sales and purchase orders. Retailers can define a default global template to be used for all Special Order products, or advance their capabilities by building templates by Vendor, Category, Group, or even individual Product SKUs.

Storis POS will intuitively default to the closest defined template during Sales Order entry. When building templates, retailers have unlimited options for the number of customizable attributes they can include. Retailers can use open text fields to describe the attributes, choose to designate certain attribute fields as required or populate Pre-Built Options that provide selection lists. Pre-Defined Pricing can also be added to specific options or a new Pricing Scratchpad Tool can be used to input price variables related to specific options.

IT Manager for Stoney Creek Furniture, Eric Jansen commented, “the enhancements brought forward by Storis will greatly enhance our customer experience. We expect to reduce our sales order entry times for Special Orders by more than 50% while vastly improving our data accuracy. Enhanced Special Order processing will be a winner all around.”

Another key feature update is expanded Customer Search. At the Point of Sale, sales associates are now prompted to search for an existing customer by email and phone number, in addition to the last name. This helps retailers exhaust their search options and avoid creating duplicate customer records. When creating new customers, optional new security has been added so that if a new customer is created and the email already exists for another customer, an override must be given to create the new customer. Single customer profiles are increasingly important to unified customer experiences and retailers’ relationship strategies.

Another efficient new feature expedites building image libraries via a new Image URL Product Import process. In addition to the traditional method of downloading image files, retailers can now map product URLs from separate directories to link an image to a product. Image URLs can be included in product import spreadsheets for efficiency.

Enhanced Product Substitution logic is another highlight of Storis 10.3. Before defaulting to a substitute product in their inventory, retailers can now have the Storis system automatically check their Alternate Stock Location schema to determine if the product is available within their inventory. It exhausts these options before defaulting to a substitute product. When the product is substituted, Alternate Stock Location schema will then search for the substitute product, if necessary. This logic helps retailers to fulfill the first-choice options for more customers and efficiently cycle through their inventory.

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