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Sagebrook Home Launches PPE Company

Home decor manufacturer Sagebrook Home has announced the launch of its sister company,  Comfort and Care Health Co (C&C Health Co), offering resources of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the home furnishings industry.

Sagebrook Home founders, the Kachan family, have run a successful fashion, textiles and manufacturing business for the last 35 years. Leveraging their family’s three decades of experience regarding importing overseas, they began to source PPE in late Feb 2020. 

As the scarcity for PPE became more apparent, moving into early March, Sagebrook Home decided to increase its orders and established a separate business in order to provide resources to the trade community, and to support its customers worldwide. 

C&C Health is a wholesale business that offers wholesale PPE supplies in bulk, to all Sagebrook Home customers and to other resale businesses. Whether customers want to ship a small amount of PPE with their home decor orders or if a business is strictly looking for a wholesale resource for PPE, the company offers drop ship or LTL shipments from its Los Angeles distribution center. Sagebrook Home currently receives 15-20 containers a week and exports full containers to over 60 countries from its 200,000-square-foot facility. 

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