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Classy Art Hosts Virtual Market

Classy Art, a resource for wall art and décor, is hosting a virtual High Point market for its customers and sales force until May 3 and will donate 50% of the net proceeds to Save the Children.

The virtual market includes a Zoom sales meeting to outline the details to the 45 members of Classy Art’s sales team, the launch of a brand-new website as well as many market specials. This virtual market is being promoted as a quick ship for those retailers who are operational and can take receipt of orders. 

Classy Art’s new website is retail-centered with a safe and secure login for dealers only, in order to protect pricing. Other features include a dealer locator for consumers, categorization and metatags for easy searchability, top sellers and related products that are updated monthly, multiple images for items and clickable downloads for literature such as catalogs and training videos. 

While the company is not known for selling discounted goods, part of the virtual market is a Virus Sale full of market specials. In an effort to raise cash as well as grow much needed margins for its retailers, Classy Art is offering an unprecedented 40% discount on its entire Mixed Media Collection for all prepaid orders that can receive shipments immediately.  Additionally the company is offering a BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) on all of its popular display stands that retailers use to maximize floor space.

Classy Art will be donating 50% of all net proceeds from this sale to Save the Children, a non-profit organization that is focused on helping children in need through the COVID-19 pandemic and year round.

“We are living in an unfamiliar world with an uncertain future; however, we understand that the only thing that is certain is that many companies, both vendors and retailers alike, will not survive this pandemic,” said Gabriel Cohen, owner and CEO. “Though minuscule in comparison, we are putting in every effort to keep our customers, vendors and employees healthy from the virus as well as financial hardships. Though these are difficult waters to navigate, we will continue to adapt to our new environment as it changes and we are optimistic that we as well as our partners will come out stronger and more unified when this is all over.”

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