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Bedgear Donates Medical Supplies to New York Hospitals, Nursing Homes and First Responders

Mattress and sleep accessories producer Bedgear has announced it is manufacturing KN95 respirators, surgical face masks and disposable scrubs and will be distributing tens of thousands of them in the coming weeks to New York hospitals, nursing homes and First Responders based on Long Island.

“Having a brother and a sister battling the coronavirus on the front lines at Long Island hospitals struck a nerve,” said CEO and Founder Eugene Alleto. “I learned firsthand about the mask shortage and how hospital staffers are sleeping in shifts without basic sleep necessities like pillows. And, of course, I was deeply concerned for my siblings’ own health and well-being.”

The company is also donating pillows to the hospital staff members at these facilities, which are facing inadequate bedding supplies.

“Additionally, I am very proud of Bedgear’s global sourcing team that has been working around-the-clock during the last several weeks to establish a relationship with manufacturers of these very essential products that are being donated,” added Alletto.

The First Responder, hospital and nursing home donations are being run through the Bedgear Foundation, The company’s registered 501(c)3 arm, where employees and the public are encouraged to make a monetary donation, which the Bedgear team then uses to buy the raw materials for the medical supplies and transports the final products to their destinations. Over the years, the Foundation has helped tremendously with natural disaster recovery efforts, including Hurricane Harvey and Puerto Rico as well as the wildfires that devastated the Northern California counties. 

Bedgear is encouraging other companies within the bedding and home furnishings industry to make a monetary donation to its Foundation that will be used to produce and ship the medical necessities. In addition to monetary donations, concerned citizens interested in supporting their own local areas with these efforts can also reach out to the Foundation, which will procure the supplies and ship them to the hospital, nursing home or First Response team of their choice. All donations are tax deductible.

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