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RH Issues Statement on Closures

RH (NYSE: RH) has announced temporary closure of its galleries, restaurants and outlets in North America.

The following is a statement issued by CEO Gary Friedman:

First let us say thank you. Thank you to the nurses, doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers around the world who are tirelessly fighting the spread of COVID-19, putting their own health at risk to protect ours. Thank you to the truckers, stockers, clerks, checkers and baggers that are hauling the loads, filling the shelves, ringing the registers, and bagging our purchases, during what must feel like the rush of frantic last minute Christmas Eve shoppers every day in every grocery store and pharmacy in North America. Thank you to the kitchen teams, servers, hosts, dishwashers, bartenders and baristas who are cooking, cleaning, serving and steaming while practicing social distancing with a warm smile and welcoming heart. Thank you to the drivers and delivery teams from FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and HDLs – Grubhub, DoorDash and Postmates, who are delightfully arriving at our doorsteps. Thank you to the Uber, Lyft, taxi and bus drivers who are transporting us to dining rooms and emergency rooms. Thank you to the men and women in uniform working to serve and protect us in our local communities and around the world. Thank you to the sanitation, facilities and janitorial teams who are picking up our garbage, cleaning, mopping, wiping and disinfecting everywhere we sit and everything we touch keeping the coronavirus at bay. And thank you to the men and women of Team RH who have remained ready and willing to serve our guests during one of the most unsettling and unpredictable times of our lives.”

As you know, select RH Galleries, Restaurants and Outlets have been ordered to close by local governments and we have made the difficult decision today to close our remaining physical locations from March 18th through March 27th to do our part in the fight against the continued spread of the coronavirus. We do so knowing the brave souls mentioned above will continue to serve and risk their health to protect ours, and we feel tremendous respect and eternal gratitude for their services. Our teams remain ready to assist you in every way we can during this period. We can set up virtual design appointments using FaceTime, Hangouts, Zoom or by phone. Just call your local Gallery and you will be forwarded to one of our designers, or request a design consultation at We are able to help answer questions regarding products or projects, pick colors, and place orders. Of course, our websites remain open 24/7 for browsing, shopping, or pre-sleep dreaming.

Our Galleries, Restaurants and Outlets will be open until 7pm this evening, and our team members will continue to be paid through this closure period.

In the meantime, we will continue to scrub, polish and disinfect our Galleries, Restaurants, Outlets and Facilities to prepare for your return.

At RH, we believe there are moments in life that should be defined by our vision, values, hopes and dreams, not by a virus.

Stay safe, and as Martin Luther King Jr. so eloquently said, “Keep hope alive.”

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