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Reverie Partners with Olympic Gold Medalist Allyson Felix for National Sleep Awareness Month

Adjustable bed producer Reverie has announced its partnership with six-time track & field Olympic Gold Medalist and new mom Allyson Feli​x to celebrate National Sleep Awareness Month and raise awareness around the best sleep practices for optimal performance and recovery.

“We understand how imperative healthy sleep is to achieving peak athletic performance, whether it’s on a professional or recreational playing field,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, president and CEO of Reverie. “Quality sleep is the foundation for building optimal mental and physical wellbeing as it rejuvenates your body’s aching muscles, improves mood, sharpens alertness and increases energy.

“As one of the greatest Olympians of all time, Allyson Felix is acutely aware of the proper training and recovery techniques required to perform at the highest level, and as a new mom juggling myriad other responsibilities, there’s no better megaphone for championing better sleep practices throughout National Sleep Awareness Month,” added Rawls-Meehan.

Commonly known by those close to her as a “master sleeper,” Felix strongly values high-quality sleep and views her sleep routine as a key element of her Olympic training and motherhood. Felix’s experience with Reverie’s Dream SupremeTM Sleep System, complete with the R650TM Adjustable Power Base, has helped her tap into a customizable sleep experience that further assists with recovery and sleep quality.

Felix is strongly rooted in routines that allow her to successfully balance her athletic and family responsibilities, all while getting the sleep she needs. After working with a Reverie Sleep Coach, Felix has become a strong proponent of these five easy sleep tips that can benefit anyone with a busy schedule:

  • Napping​
  • Keep that consistent bedtime
  • Minimize screens in the bedroom
  • Think of sleep as “Me Time”
  • Take a dose of sunshine

“Being a mom and Olympic athlete are the two best jobs in the world, and as most working moms can attest, the better I sleep over the course of a day, the better my performance is,” states Felix. “Whether that’s a quick power nap on the couch or sleeping on an airplane when I’m traveling, I need healthy sleep to be the best I can be, both on and off the track. The sleep experts at Reverie helped me recognize that a high-quality, customized sleep system tailored to one’s specific sleep preferences can help me get the critical rest and recovery I need to excel as a working mom and athlete.”

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