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Tempur Sealy Invests in Renewable Solar Energy

Bedding supplier Tempur Sealy (NYSE: TPX) has announced an investment in solar power technology for its largest mattress manufacturing operation, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Planned for completion by year-end, the locally-generated renewable energy will provide a sustainable source of electric power sufficient to run all of Albuquerque's mattress assembly lines, reducing the annual electric consumption purchased from public utility by approximately 2 million kWh's.

Additionally, the company announced that its facility in Duffield, Virginia has achieved the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) Energy Star Challenge for Industry by reducing its energy intensity by nearly 40% within four years. In successfully achieving the challenge, Tempur Sealy's Duffield facility has reduced over 3,800 tons of greenhouse gases per year and saved enough energy to power over 500 homes.  

Earlier this year, the company issued its first Corporate Social Values Report to highlight its efforts to improve its communities and the environment. Tempur Sealy focuses on driving many environmentally friendly initiatives through leveraging well-established practices and continually researching additional areas of opportunity. Through these efforts to continuously expand its environmental initiatives, the company identified the opportunity to integrate solar power in its manufacturing operations.

"These renewable energy projects are exciting additions to our other environmental initiatives here at Tempur Sealy," said Scott Thompson, chairman and CEO. "This reduction in our carbon footprint from the solar energy initiative alone equates to powering all mattress assembly lines at our largest facility, and at the same time, allows us to improve the cost effectiveness of our operations."

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