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Kingsdown Launches Branded Pillow Line

Luxury bedding brand Kingsdown will launch a branded pillow line extending its reach into the bedding accessories space for the first time.

The new pillows, which will be available in queen and king sizes, feature a “pillow-in-a-pillow” design that allows the consumer to remove the core pillow by unzipping the outer pillow and using the two pillows together or separately, as desired. 

“This gives our dealers an opportunity to boost their average ticket and sales per square foot by selling Kingsdown-branded pillows to complement Kingsdown mattresses,” said Frank Hood, chief executive officer of Kingsdown. “It also helps keep the sales presentation focused on getting a good night’s sleep, in which the pillow plays a critical role.”       

Packaged in a sturdy canister featuring the Kingsdown logo and a braided cord for carrying, the pillows can be displayed as an impactful tower in the store to generate cash-and-carry sales.

Filled with a gel-infused fiber that delivers a down-like feel, the pillow’s core offers additional support. The filling material is breathable, which helps keep the sleeper cool, and the pillows are machine washable to help mitigate dust and other allergens.

“The innovative pillow-in-a-pillow design gives the consumer, in effect, two pillows with different firmness levels since they can be used in combination or separately,” Hood said. “That will generate additional interest and help facilitate more mattress sales.”

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