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King Koil Creates Point-of-Purchase System for New Smartlife Mattress

Mattress manufacturer King Koil has announced its newly developed point-of-purchase system to support the retail rollout of its Smartlife Mattress by King Koil.

The new in-store presentation includes a high-definition screen mounted above the bed to help consumers understand the technology built into the mattress during rest tests.

The video that loops on the screen explains the Smartlife technology in a user-friendly manner to describe how the mattress helps deliver supportive sleep. The Smartlife mattress uses a scientific algorithm that powers smart cells to adjust the beds automatically to fit a consumer’s unique body shape, weight and preferences. Programming and monitoring of the sleep system is managed through an app with smart devices.

“Our Smartlife Mattress by King Koil, is the ultimate smart mattress,” said David Binke, chief executive officer of King Koil. “It’s real-time sleep monitoring and data analysis are designed to provide feedback on sleep quality and help find solutions to improve the overall sleep experience. Smartlife is a technical product, and we want to be sure consumers grasp the concept of all aspects of the system. The new display adds one more tool to the RSAs’ toolbox for selling better sleep.”

Smartlife incorporates 80 individual smart cells and eight independently controlled zones from head to toe, and multiple settings of firmness allow users to adjust to accommodate personal sleeping needs. 

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