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Classic Home Debuts New Pillow Collection at Winter Markets

Classic Home has unveiled a new Villa by Classic Home pillow collection at winter markets called Terrain.

Working in neutral tones and distressed fabrics, the collection’s soft and inviting pieces are designed to complement myriad styles and trends including modern and minimalist spaces, desert getaways, forested retreats, and contemporary classics.

The collection takes inspiration from earthen textures, colorways, and patterns. Folded and pleated fabrics give texture and depth to several pillows and other pillows such as Montana and Jasper use agate and marble mineral formations as inspiration. Terrain’s color story includes a mix of warm and cool tones, giving customers a balanced collection.

“These pieces include organic details like raw fringe edges, hand-dipped tie dye patterns and chenille fabric that match today’s textile trends while remaining true to classic styles. This makes Terrain incredibly versatile and easy to pair with existing décor schemes,” said Linda Minjares, vice president of textiles and rugs.

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