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Customatic Unveils Snoring Solution Technology

Customatic Technologies has announced its new sleep monitor that detects snoring and automatically adjusts the bed to reduce snoring, debuting at the Las Vegas Winter Market.

The company heralds SnoreTech as revolutionary because it is the only sleep monitor that collects the sleeper’s biometric data and uses it to trigger automatic adjustments to the bed to stop snoring. The company says other sleep monitors are passive data collectors, while SnoreTech uses it to solve a problem.

SnoreTech relies on a series of biometric readings of the sleeper’s heart rate, breathing rate and amount of movement to automatically adjust the angle of the head in two-degree increments until the snoring is no longer detected. A three-second pulsating massage may also be triggered if the snoring continues.

“Sleep monitors have become commonplace in recent years, but most of them only provide data about snoring and don’t offer a solution to the problem,” said Phil Sherman, president of Customatic Technologies. “We believe this is the only snore detection system on the market that automatically adjusts the bed base without disturbing the snorer’s partner.”

He said the sleep monitor’s proprietary software package detects snoring with more than 85% accuracy and works exclusively in conjunction with a Customatic adjustable bed base. SnoreTech takes baseline readings of the heart rate, breathing rate and amount of movement and then monitors the sleeper for variations in these readings that suggest the sleeper is snoring. Using an algorithm developed by Customatic and Okin, it then makes adjustments to the head of the adjustable bed base until the baseline readings are again detected.

Sherman added, “This is just another way that we’re working to help everyone get a more restful night’s sleep. Excessive snoring isn’t healthy for the snorer or the partner, and this leading-edge sleep monitor addresses that issue head-on.”

SnoreTech will be demonstrated in Customatic’s Las Vegas showroom, C-1428 of the World Market Center, Jan. 26-30.

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